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Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Education & Qualifications

NPs must be licensed registered nurses (RNs) before beginning advanced practice training. In Arizona, training must be through an accredited Master's Degree or Doctorate program. Applicants for NP certification must also pass a national board examination in their area of practice. In Arizona, the Board of Nursing regulates NPs. 

NP education includes graduate-level courses in health sciences such as pathophysiology, pharmacology and courses in diagnosis and clinical management of health and illness. Students also complete several semesters of supervised clinical practice. Graduates from these programs are eligible to complete national board examinations to become certified in their areas of practice. 

The universities in Arizona that offer NP programs are linked below with their respective logos.


Professional. Personalized. Caring. Become a Nurse Practitioner 

There’s never been a better time to explore a career as a Nurse Practitioner. Growing demand for high-quality health care makes a Nurse Practitioner a smart choice for many Arizonans. 

To become a Nurse Practitioner, you must: 
  • Obtain a license as a Registered Nurse
  • Obtain a graduate degree (Master’s degree or obtain a Doctor in Nursing Practice) from an accredited program. 
  • By 2015, all NP programs will be doctorate level programs 
  • Pass a national board certifying examination in your area of practice 
  • Submit documentation of all the above to the State Board of Nursing