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Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Services Provided by NPs

Did you know there is a highly educated, certified, personalized option for your health care? Many Arizonans are turning to Nurse Practitioners. Some of the services NPs are qualified to offer include: 

  • Obtain intake health histories 
  • Perform complete physical examinations 
  • Diagnose and treat many acute and chronic issues (such as diabetes and high blood pressure) 
  • Order and interpret laboratory results, x-rays, and other diagnostic tests such as EKGs 
  • Identify, develop, implement and evaluate care for patients 
  • Prescribe and manage medications as well as other therapies, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments 
  • Refer patients to other healthcare professionals when needed 
  • Collaborate with other health care professionals to maximize health benefits for the patient 
  • Admit patients into and care for them throughout their stay in health care facilities, such as hospitals, long term care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities 
  • Provide healthcare teaching and supportive patient counseling, including health maintenance and illness prevention 
  • Provide prenatal care and family planning services 
  • Provide well-child care, such as immunizations and screening