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Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Consensus Model

2/7/2016- Update the Scope of Practice: SB1473
Purpose: Update the Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Nurses to reflect their education and training. Clarify statutory ambiguity.

12/9/15- Sunrise Hearing Video
Sun Rise Hearing photos - Invitation to collaborate
Presentation by: The Arizona Nurses Association

12/7/2015- Media Coverage

AZ nurses rally for more leeway in patient care

APRN Consensus Model Support Letter 7-2015

This letter template is to be used as a means for nurses and people outside of nursing (physicians, hospitals, professional organizations, families, friends, colleagues, etc...) to go on the record in support of our legislation. The signed letters will be retained for review if requested.

For those that are signing a letter on behalf of a practice, agency or organization, it is requested that the text of the letter be copied onto letterhead.

A list of agencies, organizations and individuals that provide signed letters will be provided to every legislator along with our Sunrise Legislation Application Report.

Please contact Denise Link at with any further questions on this letter.

APRN Consensus Model 6-2015
What is the APRN Consensus model and how does it effect Advanced practice Nurses?

APRN Consensus Model 5-2015
What is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse?

APRN Consensus Model 7-2008
APRN Regulation: Licensure, Accreditation, Certification & Education

Arizona Action Coalition
The Arizona Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Coalition

APRN Consensus Model
American Nurses Assocation

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National Council of State Boards of Nursing NCSBN

The Consensus Model - Short Version
National Council of State Boards of Nursing NCSBN

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APRN Consensus Model
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