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How is your members list sorted? It doesn't seem to be alphabetical or sequential by career length, etc. Are there more search and sort options for logged-in members?

​The "membership roster" on the website is a list of those individuals who have created a log in for the ENP network and chose to follow Chapter 9 / AZNPC. The paid membership roster of Chapter 9 member is not posted on the website. to the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council website list of followers is sorted by primary and secondary membership. The list of followers on the ENP network is not organized by career length nor is paid members of the Chapter through AZNA. The search and sort of the individuals registered with a log-in on the website can be done on the website ( by sorting through first name or last name. Membership roster of Chapter 9 / AZNPC is maintained by the Arizona Nurses Association (AZNA) main office in Tempe Arizona and with the membership chairperson of Chapter 9 of AZNA, the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council. ​By creating a user name and password on the website, does not make the individual a paid member of the organization.