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What is the Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners in Arizona? Is there a requirement for physician supervision or collaborative practice agreement? May Nurse Practitioners in Arizona own their practice?

Arizona is a plenary state for Nurse Practitioners (NPs), which means NPs are Licensed Independent Professionals and do  not work under the supervision (directly nor indirectly) of  physicians. NPs have full practice authority within a population focus with their own license and  full prescriptive authority, including controlled substances. NP may  diagnose and treat illnesses, manage chronic health problems, perform  procedures, and order and interpret tests. NPs are authorized to be in-network  providers in health insurance plans that cover both primary care and specialty  care.
NPs may own  and operate their own practices in Arizona without physician involvement. Many NPs in Arizona are employed by physicians; that is a personal  career choice and not compulsory. NPs consult with other members of the healthcare team as dictated by the needs of the patient. As responsible healthcare professionals, NPs voluntarily engage in peer review and other quality assurance activities.Based on individual institutional policies at various acute care facilities  in Arizona, a nurse practitioner may need a sponsor to be granted staff privileges, but that would be on a case by case basis and is not required by the Arizona Nurse  Practice Act.

Scope of Practice regulations for Nurse Practitioners and other Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) currently vary from state to state. As more states extend full practice authority to all  APRNs, (NPs, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Clinical Nurse Specialists) recruitment and career mobility should be enhanced.