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Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

- Who can join the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council? Is the organization open to nurse practitioner students?

The Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council (AzNPC) is Chapter 9 of the Arizona Nurses Association (AzNA). In order to be a member of the Arizona NP Council, one must be a member of the Arizona Nurses Association. We welcome students to join and become active. On the membership application, you must specify Chapter 9 to be a part of the AzNPC. Chapter 2 is the Tucson Chapter for all levels of nursing. Chapter 1 is the greater Phoenix Chapter for all levels of nursing. Chapter 5 is the Prescott Chapter for all levels of nursing. More information on the various chapters can be found at For example, if you choose chapter 2, you will not be in chapter 9. Chapter 9 must be chosen as your primary chapter. Nurses may also belong to more than one Chapter within AzNA - there is a small fee for each additional chapter membership that is added to the primary Chapter 9 membership.

The AzNP council is also affiliated with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) the national NP organization. Being a member of AzNP council does not make one a member of AANP, but since the council pays dues to AANP, we have a state representative and a voice in the national NP organization that has a very large staff of experienced nursing professionals advocating for NPs on legislation and policy issues at the federal level (Washington, DC and Congress). The AANP represents NPs within many major governmental and private policy making groups and the healthcare industry.