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Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Membership Application

As a reminder, having a log in on the website does not equate being a member of Chapter 9, the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council. To be a member of Chapter 9, you must first be a member of the American Nurses Association. On the application for the ANA, you choose Arizona as your home state. Please select Chapter 9 with the state level.

The AZNA and AZNPC are separate organizations from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. The AZNA and AZNPC do have a partnership with the AANP. For networking with in the state of Arizona, there is the list serve, the Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice (CAZNAP). The AZNPC supports CAZNAP but having a membership on CAZNAP does not equate membership to Chapter 9.

AZNA Membership Information

Membership Application - [PDF]