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Chapter 9 Q&A on Membership and Why You Need To Join Your State Organization

Posted almost 4 years ago by Katie Wall

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What is Chapter 9?

Chapter 9 is one of the many chapter's of the Arizona Nurses Association ( Chapter 9 is the state organization for nurse practitioners in Arizona. We are the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council.

Can I be a member of Chapter 9 and other chapter of the Arizona Nurses Association?

Yes, you have to specify this on your application. Chapter 9 would be marked as your primary chapter since we do receive a stipend of the fee's paid to the American Nurses Association. The money is put to use for legislation, scholarships, conferences, and educational events throughout the state. If Chapter 9 is not marked, then you will not be placed into Chapter 9. If Chapter 9 is listed as a secondary chapter, then you will be a secondary member of Chapter 9. If you need help on this filling out your application to join Chapter 9, refer to the step by step power point at

Does the executive team for Chapter 9 get paid?

No. The executive team and numerous other volunteers who advocate for nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses are not paid. We work full time jobs and volunteer on our time off.

What is the ENP network?

I was recently asked what the Phoenix ENP chapter is up to when I traveled to another region in the state outside of Phoenix. I explained that there is not a Phoenix ENP. The ENP network is a web hosting company for many of the state nurse practitioner organizations ( The ENP network pages offer membership options with some groups not associated with the ANA or AANP. ENP is a tool for websites. It does not replace paying the dues to your organizations for membership. Creating a login on the website does not replace membership in your organizations (Chapter 9 and AANP).

What is the AANP versus Chapter 9?

Chapter 9 is the state NP organization where as AANP is the national NP organization. The AANP has state representatives Chapter 9 is an affiliate member of the AANP. For a list of all AANP affiliates, please visit

If I am a member of the AANP does that make me a member of Chapter 9?

No, you must pay dues to both organizations. Chapter 9 works at the state level with legislation and AANP works at the national level. AANP does watch the states legislation though ( Chapter 9 watches state legislation closely which can be viewed at The American Nurses Association has a tracking center at Chapter 9 realizes that trying to keep track of all the different links is a task and difficult so each of these can be easily accessed on our webpage under the menu bar titled "Links of Interest – choose Call to Action for Legislation" (

Why do I need to join Chapter 9 when there are so many other nursing groups / organizations to choose from with the same initiatives?

Chapter 9 is your state NP organization. We are associated with the American Nurses Association and the AANP. Legislation and your scope of practice is controlled by the Arizona State Legislature ( These large nursing organizations have been around for years and are established. These groups are similar to the American Medical Association at the national level and then the AMA having a state chapter with representatives and membership. We need to unite as nurses and have a solid voice as there is power in numbers and creating smaller groups will not work for protecting our scope of practice. If we segregate ourselves into smaller groups, this creates confusions amongst the legislature, the public and our patients and insurance companies.

For example by using another state. Ohio has the Ohio Nurses Association ( There is a group for advanced practice nurses ( and nurse anesthetists ( as their unified voices. If you are interested in seeing other state with APN divisions associated with the ANA please refer to

What is full practice authority and how is Arizona working on this?

Full practice authority is to turn the nation green to allow all advanced practice nurses to practice to the full scope of practice without restrictions. Currently there is not a consensus on SOP across state lines ( Arizona has been working hard on the Consensus Model ( The AANP has resources available at Arizona APRN's have united to create the Arizona Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Coalition.

What is the Arizona Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Coalition?

The Arizona Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Coalition ( is made up the Arizona Nurses Association, the Arizona Chapter of Nurse Practitioners (Chapter 9), The Arizona Chapter of the American College of Nurse Midwives, the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists, The Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists. All of these organizations have joined together to promote safe and affordable increased access to Care.

What is the Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice (CAZNAP)?

Coalition of Arizona Nurses in Advanced Practice (CAZNAP) ( is a grassroots effort to enhance the unity and communication of Advanced Practice Nurses in the state of Arizona. CAZNAP has served an as excellent communication tool for APN's in AZ but having your email on the list-serve communication tool does not replace joining our NP organizations (Chapter 9 and AANP).

How do I stay up to date with all of these links and information provided in this question and answer session?

There are several ways to stay up to date. The first and most important way is to join both Chapter 9 and the AANP. Both of these organizations are working hard and spending numerous hours to protect the APN role. The best way to thank those who volunteer this time away from their full time jobs and families is to join both organizations. The prices can be steep but the money is well spent and you will get our return on investment. The money is put to good use as one can see with all the current events taking place to protect your advanced practice degree and future in your career!!!

The alternative ways to communicate are through the communication tools via ENP and CAZNAP.

Please use the attached sheet to distribute amongst your nurse practitioner colleagues across the state. Please print and challenge yourself to give to 5 nurse practitioners that do not know about Chapter 9, The Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council. Now is the most important time to be involved with and join your state NP organization with the current legislation to protect your career. If you have questions on membership, please click here to submit your questions.