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AZNPC monthly Educational event new RSVP rules effective January 2015

Posted over 4 years ago by Katie Wall

In an effort to decrease the no-show rate on RSVP's (which ranges from 30-50%) in the past one and a half years, the AZNPC will now begin enforcing attendance. The no show rate costs the AZNPC and pharmaceutical industry money for seats that are purchased and not filled. We have new technology with the website that collects data as of November 2014. After the event, the sign in sheet will be uploaded to the website. If you do not sign in at the event on the AZNPC sign in list, then you will be registered as a "no show" on the website. Signing in on the pharmaceutical sign in list will not count for the AZNPC sign in list. There are always 2 sign in lists. It is your responsibility to ensure you sign both.

We will allow 3 "no shows" with the registration before restricting your RSVP in the future. If you RSVP for an event, the system sends you an email confirmation. On the email confirmation, there is a tab to cancel your RSVP. The system also sends out a reminder email several days before the event. On both of these emails, you can click cancel. You can also cancel by returning to the website and finding event, click cancel.

Thank you for your support by attending these events. Thank you to the regional educational volunteers who help to setup these events. If you would like to speak as an expert on a topic in one of these regions, please contact one of the volunteer's below.

Christine Downey:
Has volunteered to arrange for events in the central Phoenix and Scottsdale regions.

Georgiata Mihailovici:
Has volunteered to arrange for events on the west side of Phoenix including Peoria, Glendale, Tolleson, Buckeye, Sun City, etc...

Valerie Jacovides:
Has volunteered to arrange for events on the east side of Phoenix including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, etc...

Romina Lo-Montano:
Has volunteered to arrange for events Tucson for the AZNPC. Tucson also has representation by the Southern Arizona Advanced Practice Nurse/ Nurse Practitioner Society with Paula Christianson-Silva.

Elaine Hooper:
Has volunteered to arrange for events in the Cochise and Santa Cruz counties, the most southern areas of Arizona.

Clarissa Rosario:
Has volunteered to arrange for events in the Kingman and Lake Havasu regions. 

The Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council, Chapter 9, of the Arizona Nurses Association is seeking volunteers to assist with coordinating monthly educational dinner events in the Flagstaff, Prescott and other outlying cities.

Those wishing to volunteer must be members of Chapter 9. If you are not sure, you are a member of Chapter 9, this can be confirmed by signing into the AZNA website, Upon signing into your AZNA account, your profile will be opened up. Click on link "View Profile" which opens to a new page. When a new screen opens up, underneath your date joined, there will be a chapter association. The Chapter association for the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council is Chapter 9. If this box does not specify Chapter 9, you can email AZNA to the email address listed underneath the news section of your profile, to be added to Chapter 9. Your Chapter association can also be found on your membership card mailed to you by the American Nurses Association when you joined.

If you have any questions on membership, please email membership chairperson Shelley Vaughn via the Contact Us feature.

If you wish to volunteer with the education committee, please contact PR Chairperson:
Katie Wall at

More information on this can be found underneath the Education tab.