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Arizona Nurse Practice Act APRN Scope of Practice Proposed Revisions for APRN Consensus and APRN Multistate Compact Models

Posted almost 5 years ago by Katie Wall

Arizona Nurse Practice Act APRN Scope of Practice Proposed Revisions for APRN Consensus and APRN Multistate Compact Models

The process to amend the Arizona Nurse Practice Act (NPA) is underway led by coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) representing all four APRN roles – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). The ultimate goal for the legislation is to bring all four APRN roles in Arizona into alignment with the APRN Consensus Model for full practice authority as proposed by the IOM/RWJF Future of Nursing report.

In summary, the proposed changes include:
  • removal of the word "collaboration" from the NP scope of practice statute
  • removal of requirement for physician supervision of CRNA
  • prescribing authority for CRNA
  • creation of a scope of practice statute for CNM separate from NPs
  • prescriptive authority for CNS.

The changes would also include making "APRN" the title for all APRN roles and confer title protection.

The changes to the Arizona NPA will pave the way for Arizona to become an APRN Compact state.

Participation in the APRN Compact benefits to APRNs include:
  • uniformity of APRN requirements throughout Compact states
  • "grandfathering" of currently licensed APRN within their home states
  • elimination of the need for duplicate licenses and certification in each participating state
  • facilitation of APRN movement and practice among Compact states
  • facilitation of mentoring/placement of APRN students among Compact states
  • facilitation of APRN telehealth practice among Compact states.

All four APRN groups are pooling financial and human resources to advocate for this legislation. The more work that is accomplished with volunteers to draft documents, meet with or call legislators, attend legislative committee meetings and meet with stakeholders, the less time paid staff has to spend and the less cost to the APRN groups.

Legislation to change scope of practice is referred to as "sunrise legislation". Our first step is to prepare a sunrise legislation report providing the rationale and evidence to support the changes in the scopes of practice for each APRN as indicated. The reports must be submitted to a legislative committee and approved before a bill can be introduced. Each APRN group must draft its own report. The reports will form the basis for a single bill that will be introduced to the legislature with all of the requested changes in the Arizona Revised Statutes to amend the Nurse Practice Act. More information about the Consensus Model and Compact Model can be obtained at the following websites:

An information session is scheduled for Saturday October 25, 2014 at Scottsdale Health Care-Shea Campus. To find out more about this event and to register, go to and click on "Securing Access to Quality Care"