Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Correction to message about Healthcare Pricing Transparency Law

Posted over 5 years ago by Katie Wall

The healthcare pricing  transparency legislation (HB 2045—Health Care; Direct Pay; AHCCCS Rates) mentioned in the AzNA e-newsletter on August 27, 2013 does not apply to NPs The new law takes effect on January 1, 2014 and requires  healthcare providers listed under the "Definitions" section of the law and facilities to make the prices for their most commonly used inpatient and outpatient procedures available  to the public.  The language is as follows and does not include NPs as one of the provider groups that is obligated to comply:
24. Defines health care provider as a person licensed pursuant to  statutes governing podiatry, chiropractic, medicine and surgery (MD),  optometry, osteopathic physicians and surgeons (DO), physical therapy or occupational therapy.