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New Information for AHCCCS/Medicaid Providers

Posted 20 days ago by Denise Link

This announcement from the Arizona Association of Health Plans was passed on to us by our Arizona Nurses Association lobbyist, Kathy Busby

"The federal government has made a change for providers that could directly impact some of your members.  See the highlighted note below.

Beginning January 1, 2021, referring, ordering, prescribing and attending providers MUST be registered with AHCCCS or their claims for payment will not be paid


This is a new federal regulation.  The health plans are going to be reaching out to providers of every stripe to encourage them to enroll with AHCCCS.  A new online provider registration portal went live this week, which should make the whole enrollment process dramatically easier than before.

Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure you all were aware of this change and encourage you to share this information broadly with your members.  Note – providers who regularly see AHCCCS members are already enrolled with AHCCCS; this change impacts ordering, referring, prescribing and attending providers who might not routinely see AHCCCS members.

Thanks so much for all you do!"