Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

Audrey Rath Scholarship 2018

Posted 7 months ago by Joy Kiviat

The Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Audrey Rath Scholarship, awarded each year during Nurse Practitioner Week in November. This scholarship is designated for NP’s returning to school to advance their education, and who are members of the AZNA. The $2000 scholarship is awarded by the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council to the applicant who best articulates goals that will advance and promote the NP profession. The scholarship is named to honor Audrey Rath, RN, MSN, NP who worked as the Advanced Practice consultant to the Arizona State Board of Nursing for 20 years. Audrey was a pioneer for nurse practitioners in Arizona, and many of our current daily practices are directly related to Audrey's influence in expanding our scope of practice.

Elaine Charteris, a cardiology nurse practitioner with 17 years experience, was awarded the 2018 Audrey Rath scholarship. Ms. Charteris is currently a DNP student at Frontier University. She is active in cardiology outpatient care and telemedicine, in addition to teaching nursing students and engaging in research to improve outcomes for heart failure patients. Her excellence in practice and plans for further leadership and educational roles led to her was selection from a strong group of applicants, and receipt of the $2000 award from the AZNPC.