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AZNPC Members - Bylaws Revisions proposed

Posted 11 months ago by Joy Kiviat

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Dear members of AZNPC, this email/announcement is being sent to you asking for you to consider the bylaws changes that the executive council is recommending based on the annual review of bylaws.  The majority of the changes we are conveying to you are to bring our language in closer alignment to the 2017 bylaws of the AZNA.  Many of you might also have read the newsletter from AZNPC, The Practitioner, where Paula Christianson-Silva, our President, presents an issue that we are going to be bring to the membership for their consideration at meetings – this is different than the bylaws changes.  As with anything the executive committee can only do is due diligence and make recommendations to the membership – it is up to YOU to decide which direction to take the Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council.  Please read the document that identifies the current bylaw language, our recommended change in language and the rationale for each change.  In two weeks a ballot will be sent to you electronically to vote yes or no for the bylaws changes. 
Thank you for your careful consideration and should you have any question any board member would be happy to help.
Angela Golden Vice President
PS I am sending the email as our President is currently at a wonderful family event in Europe but this is done at her behest.
President - Paula Christianson-Silva
Secretary - Gloria Nelson    
Treasurer— Dale Ann Dorsey –
Legislative Chair-Bessie Burk
Membership Chair—Joy Kiviat
Public Relations Chair—Amy