Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

New Bylaws approved!

Posted almost 2 years ago by Paula Christianson-Silva

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At tonight's Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council Membership Meeting our revised Bylaws were approved!  Thanks to all the past and present Board Members who assisted in this effort.

The revisions were necessary to correct some inconstancies and to make it easier to eventually move towards expanding our organization to include other APRNs. The major changes from the 2013 Bylaws are as follows:

  1. Clarifies that Board elections are in September and terms of office start on November 1
  2. Allows for future Bylaws revisions to be done by electronic ballot
  3. Updates the staggering of elections so that President and Treasurer are elected in alternate years. This allows for stability in financial affairs.
  4. Changes the name of the “Legislative Committee” to “Health Policy Committee” and “Legislative Chair” to “Health Policy Chair” to better represent the responsibilities of these entities.
  5. Formatting, grammar, and syntax changes and logo added.

The new, approved Bylaws are attached.