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2016 NP week: Audrey Rath scholarship (Designated for NPs returning to school to advance their education)

Posted over 2 years ago by Katie Wall

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Audrey worked as the advanced practice consultant to the Arizona State Board of Nursing for many years. She was a pioneer for nurse practitioners in Arizona-many of our current daily practices are directly related to Audrey's influence in expanding our scope of practice. For all those who tried to stand in the way saying "NURSES can't possibly do that"! Audrey was able to move past them showing that indeed nurses CAN provide primary care.

This scholarship was established to keep the memory of Audrey alive so that we appreciate the strides we've made as being one of the top states in the entire US to practice in as an NP-much of the credit for this goes to Audrey.

  • Amount - $1000
  • Criteria - A current member of AzNA
  • Applications Deadline - October 28, 2016
  • Award winner will be announced during NP week, November 13-19, 2016

Completed applications should be sent to:
AzNPC Membership Chair, Shelley Vaughn FNP at email: