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Veterans Administration Proposed Rule

Posted about 3 years ago by Katie Wall


Please take a moment to look at the information and letter campaigns provided to you in this announcement to help support the full practice authority of advance practice nurses in the VA. There has been alot of negative reporting in the media and by veterans themselves on this issue. Please share with all your fellow APRNs, family, friends, and veterans to let them know that APRNs are going to help the veterans.

Take Action - Veterans Need Your Help (link to AANP) with a letter campaign to support the full practice authority for APRNs in the VA. 

APRNs gaining respect, but resistance still remains

Registered nurses, a good option for the VA: Your Say (ANA). A letter campaign from the ANA can be viewed here - Click here to submit your public comment to the VHA in support of this regulation.

Letter | VA right to expand access to NPs (AANP)

VA Proposes to Grant Full Practice Authority to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (United States Department of Veterans Affairs)