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Posted about 3 years ago by Katie Wall

The AZNPC / Chapter 9 (your state advanced practice nursing organization) and NAPG keep in communication with our advanced pratice collegues in northern AZ. Please find the following Summary of Outreach activities of NAPG 2015-2016 Season. 

  1. Christmas shopping and gift giving for 11 Homeless teens aged 11-17 at the Halo House Youth Center of Northland Family Help Center.
    NAPG donated $200.00 and also contributed was $50.00 in kind donations from members. Youth are often overlooked when it comes to donations at Christmas time, when families with young children are adopted by many organizations. Four NAPG members went shopping for DVD's, Coloring Books and markers, Lotion/nail polish and makeup kits for the girls, Axe for the boys, A Free movie ticket with popcorn for each, as well as a gift card for Target for everyone. The youth were so thankful. They could not believe that we were bringing them gifts. A very humbling experience.

  2. Several members participated in the Grand Canyon River Guides Whale Foundation Health Fair in March. Free Physical exams, screenings, massages, and health promotion activities were offered in the lovely outdoor setting in Marble Canyon. Arizona.

  3. Booth at Ahoy to Summer Health Fair in Flagstaff. Targeted children aged 3-12 with health promotion activities. This included crawling through a maze of tunnels (blood vessels) to the heart, with constrictions and plaque along the way, beach ball giveaway, and a Sugar Stack demonstration of the sugar content of many popular foods, drinks and snacks. This activity was made possible by a grant that NAPG received from AZ Nurse Practitioner Council Chapter 9 of AZNA.

Thanks to members who helped above activities:
Camilia Gembala, Joan Moore, Debbi Mortensen, Stella Lee, Theresa Dowell, Mickey Houston, Beth Kennedy, Mary Pasternacki, Coletta Horvath, and others I may have unknowingly omitted.

Laurie Steinhaus