Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council

AANP and Insurance Companies

Posted over 3 years ago by Katie Wall

AANP is scheduling meetings now with the leadership of insurance companies to help move NP's forward. There are conditions developing in the industry that were not present in the past that can provide negotiation leverage. They are mainly coming as a result of changes in reimbursement policy from providing billable services to providing care. Also the looming pay for performance policies in CMS that will certainly be adopted by the private companies. Lastly, the language in ACA that insurance companies have been using to get around network adequacy requirements to bring NPs onto networks has been tightened up. 

If anyone who is getting shut out of networks with the excuse that the company "has enough NPs" or other excuses should report that to AANP via email to AANP will be using that information in their discussions with insurers that those practices are in violation of the ACA.