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Tracking Legislation

Posted over 3 years ago by Katie Wall

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Call to Action for Legislation
  • If you need to find out who your representative are or would like to track bills or become involved wtih the legislature, please click the link above.
AZNA Bills: The Nurse's List
  • This is the list of bills that AZNA is monitoring in the legislative session at the state level.
AANP (National) Legislation

This the list of bills at a state and federal level that the AANP is monitoring.

  • If you have questions on state or national legislation, please Contact Us. Your question will be sent to the Legislative Chairperson for AZNPC or AZNA Governmental Affairs Officer or the AANP State Representative.
  • The attachment on this annoucement is a step-by-step guide on how to sign in the ALIS system at the AZ Legislature.