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Az APRN Coalition Social Media Campaign

Posted over 3 years ago by Katie Wall

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Arizona's legislative session has started for the 2016 session. As the session continues we have restarted our Social Media Campaign.

Our legislators are very active on social media especially twitter. We have already had a legislator and some of their staff members like some of our posts. We want to show our legislators that APRNs are engaged in this process. Its simple to create an account follow follow the Az APRN coalition @azaprnco and simply like and share the posts. I have attached several infographics that were made by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists that explains how to use Twitter in a political campaign. If you do post any pro APRN post please include the hashtag #nursescare4az so we can find it and repost it on the APRN Coalitions twitter feed.

Please help us by supporting our social media campaign. Please review the attached documents. While some the documents focus on CRNA's, these also can be used for any APRN role including NP's. 

Here are some recommended tweets:

  • I stand w/ Arizona nurses. I support #SB1473 . Spread the word. #NursesCare4AZ
  • Trust the most trusted profession: Nurses. Support #SB1473. #NursesCare4AZ
  • I'm an Arizona nurse. I support #SB1473 . And I vote. #NursesCare4AZ
  • It's not 1950 anymore. Time to update the Arizona Nurse Practice Act. Support #SB1473 . #NursesCare4AZ
  • Cut bureaucratic red tape. Help AZ patients. Support #SB1473 . #NursesCare4AZ
  • Why would we hamper AZ nurses w/ decades-old regulations? Cut the red tape. Support #SB1473 . #NursesCare4AZ
  • "States w/ broader nursing scopes of practice have experienced no deterioration of patient care." Institute of Medicine 2010 #NursesCare4AZ
  • Listen to the Institute of Medicine. Expand the Scope of Practice so AZ nurses can do their jobs. #NursesCare4AZ
  • "Expanded APRN Scope of Practice is good for competition and American consumers." - Federal Trade Commission 2014 #NursesCare4AZ
  • Hear our voices - 1,000 Arizona nurses and physicians have signed letters endorsing #SB1473 #NursesCare4AZ